Passenger Cabins

A Passenger Cabin is used in transporting passengers. They come in a variety of sizes.

There are 4 quality classes of cabins. From lowest to highest quality they are Economy, Business, First, and Luxury. Passengers can be housed in cabins of equal or higher quality than their stated requirement.

All VIP passengers will occupy an entire cabin regardless of how many members are in their party. They will occupy the cabin until the mission is completed or dropped.

Non-VIP passengers are housed by seat rather than cabin. This means you can carry multiple groups in one cabin or even split the groups among different cabins (having the same class).


Class Rating Quality Mass (T) Capacity* Value (CR)
2 E Economy 2.50 2 4,312
3 E Economy 5.00 4 8,675
3 D Business 5.00 3 22,700
4 E Economy 10.00 8 18,954
4 D Business 10.00 6 182,240
4 C First 10.00 3 170,586
5 E Economy 20.00 16 29,711
5 D Business 20.00 10 92,362
5 C First 20.00 6 340,526
5 B Luxury 20.00 4 1,658,095
6 E Economy 40.00 32 61,410
6 D Business 40.00 16 184,232
6 C First 40.00 12 552,698
6 B Luxury 40.00 8 4,849,930

* Refers to how many passengers the cabin can hold.

Mass is of the cabin itself, and does not change when passengers are added.

Luxury cabins may only be installed in Saud Kruger's ships DolphinOrca and Beluga Liner.

Notes Edit

  1. Passenger Cabins were added in the Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Guardians v2.2 update[1].

References Edit

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