System Faction Rep Systems Benefits Distance from Sol
Shinrarta Dezhra The Pilots Federation Not reputation based. Awarded upon reaching Elite in any category. 10% discount on Ships and Modules 64.43
Isinor Chapter of Isinor Anotchadiae, LTT 5053 Convoy beacons 110.35
Terra Mater Brotherhood of Terra Mater Hecate Access to Terra Mater Blood Bores 69.73
Jotun Dukes of Jotun Djaujang, Caleta Jotun Mookah 122.14
Sirius Sirius Corporation Avik, Procyon, Luyten's Star, Te Kaha, HIP 8396, Takurua, Almagest, Robigo, Ceos, Sothis The Engineer Marco Qwent 8.59
van Maanen's Star Sublime Order of Van Maanen's Star Tau Ceti, YZ Ceti, Epsilon Eridani, IL Aquarii, TZ Arietis -- 13.91
Peregrina Peregrina Aristocrats HIP 18609 -- 202.73
Luyten 347-14 Luyten 347-14 Prison Colony LHS 3531, Luyten 205-128, Stopover, Narenses, LHS 449 -- 18.56
Hodack Hodack Prison Colony Amalangkan, Dhathaarib -- 79.63
Crom Crom Silver Boys 69 G. Carinae, Herthe, Laifangyi, Bunuras, Un Narraya, LFT 568 -- 56.46
Pi Mensae Pi Mensae Brotherhood Alpha Chamaelontis, Walgan, Xib Cail -- 59.72
LTT 198 LTT 198 Order Theta Sculptoris, Kigandan, Tavgi -- 72.33
Nastrond Defence Party of Nastrond Wonorne Nu, Daruwutja, Taribes -- 102.63
Tiliala Conservatives of Tiliala Varpet, Akandinigua -- 86.98

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