Personal Gifts
ClassificationRare Commodity
Galactic Average Price16,535 CR
Rare allocation20 t
Produced by---
Consumed by---
LocationFrost Dock, Njambalba

Colourfully wrapped presents for those naughty and nice, although the nice ones do appear to be bigger.

— In-Game Description

Personal Gifts are a Salvage commodity in the world of Elite Dangerous.

Personal Gifts are a rare commodity, so increase in value the further you take them from their point of purchase.


22 DEC 3301

  • Clauss Incorporated, in association with Santa Muerte Co-operative, has launched an initiative called 'New Ships for New Commanders', which will support new Commanders taking their first steps in their chosen careers.

"We need every Commander in the galaxy to help transporting Personal Gifts from Frost Dock in the Njambalba system to us at Clauss Port in the Santa Muerte system. If our our delivery targets are met, we will use the proceeds of the sale of these gifts to fund our 'New Ships for New Commanders' initiate. We will also be offering generous finicial incentives to all pilots who contribute to the appeal, in addition to giving out a limited number of brand new ships to new Commanders."

— Nicolas St Clauss, CEO of Clauss Incorporated


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