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A module designed to house ground-based vehicles.

— In-Game Description

Planetary Vehicle Hangar is an internal module availiable in the Horizons expansion that can store one or multiple Surface Recon Vehicles such as Scarab. Note that it doesn't come with SRV: it needs to be outfitted with vehicle bays that need to be purchased separately. Multiple hangars can be installed on the same ship.

SRVs can be deployed from the cargo bay doors when landed on a planetary starport or surface of a planet.



  • Increases the maximum amount of stored SRVs.


  • Decreases weight but increases power draw of a module.
Class Rating Mass (T) Power Draw (MW) Vehicle Bay Slots Price
2 H 12.00 0.250 1 18,000
2 G 6.00 0.750 1 21,600
4 H 20.00 0.400 2 72,000
4 G 10.00 1.200 2 86,400
6 H 34.00 0.600 4 576,000
6 G 17.00 1.800 4 691,200

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