This is an overview of some popular systems in the galaxy.[1] The popularity changes with factors like system conditions, factions, events, community goals, economy which are handled by the background simulation.

Frigaha Edit

"The popular Engle Orbital station is in Frigaha, a Class G star system which is a white yellow main sequence star. Frigaha is also only 73.52 ly away from Sol."

Alrai Sector MC-V b2-7 Edit

"Unremarkable in most ways, MC-V b2-7 is very popular with traders."

Kini Edit

"Importing Microbial Furnaces, Bauxite and Rutile, Kini has an economy based around Refinery systems."

LTT 18486 Edit

"With a starport that is quite a distance from the star, the trading runs and missions that are completed in LTT 18486 are seen as lucrative if a little time-consuming."

Yakabugai Edit

"Serebrov Station is one of Yakabugai's hotspots, with some commanders claiming they've found 'a station that has it all!'"

Kremainn Edit

"With resource extraction sites located close to stations, Kremainn is popular among bounty hunters."

Alrai Sector KH-V b2-1 Edit

"Alrai Sector KH-V b2-1 is a fairly unremarkable system, with no starports and no planets nearby, it is surprising that it's so high up this list. But as a stepping stone to another location it serves a huge number of commanders."

Potriti Edit

"Some say Potriti is a good system to spot green pilots who need a helping hand, some say it's a fine place for pirates to track down their next mark, but all we know is that it's visited by a large number of commanders."

LHS 3447 Edit

"It may come as a surprise that the starting system isn't the most-visited system in the galaxy. Sneaking a peek behind the curtain a little bit: the player's starting system isn't recorded, only the first destination you jump to, so LHS 3447 gets no head start over other systems."

Eravate Edit

"Local to LHS 3447, although it could be described as a modest star system, Eravate is still capable of supporting a mixed agriculture and industrial economy."

References Edit


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