Zachary Hudson

Incumbent President Zachary Hudson

The President of the Federation is the elected head of state and head of government of the Federation. The incumbent President is Zachary Hudson.

Federal Presidents are elected for a single term of eight years. Four years into that term, a Vote of No Confidence is automatically held. If the incumbent President wins the vote, then they are allowed to complete their term. If they lose the vote, then a new presidential election is held and the incumbent President can be potentially replaced. Presidents cannot serve multiple consecutive terms.[1]

The Presidential Protection Detail are responsible for protecting the safety of the sitting President and the first family (spouse and any of their children).

Usually, in the event that a President is no longer able to rule, their Vice President takes over as Acting President. In the case of the disappearance of President Jasmina Halsey in the Starship One incident, Vice President Ethan Naylor was on board and also presumed missing. Secretary of State Felicia Winters became Acting President.[2][3] Following a vote of no confidence, the missing Jasmina Halsey lost the presidential title, and Zachary Hudson became the next President of the Federation.[4]

The leader of the opposition political party is called the Shadow President.

List of Known Presidents Edit

The complete list of Presidents is too numerous to mention here, so only those who made a name for themselves in intergalactic affairs are listed.[5]

Name Term Notes
Sadiq Kessler 2599 - 2607 [5]
Isaac Gellan 2862 - 2866 Disgraced, lost Vote of No Confidence[5]
Olaf Smith 2866 - 2874 [5]
Jeremy Tann 2874 - 2882 [5]
Verity Campbell 2956 - 2960 Lost Vote of No Confidence[5]
Ulrich Vale 2968 - 2976 [5]
Grant Keller 2976 - 2984 [5]
Tyrell Biggs 3008 - 3016 [5]
Loric Trander 3184 - 3192 [5]
Eugene Cooper 3260 - 3264 Unpopular, lost Vote of No Confidence[5]
Antonia Madison 3264 - 3272 [5]
Jasmina Halsey 3300 - 3301 Vice Presidents:
  • Nigel Smeaton (3300 - January 12, 3301; deceased)[6]
  • Ethan Naylor (February 20, 3301 - May 26, 3301; deceased)[7]

Disappeared, lost Vote of No Confidence on June 2, 3301

Zachary Hudson 3301 - Present Vice President: Brad Mitchell (June 11, 3301 - Present)

List of Known Vice Presidents Edit

Name Term Notes
Nigel Smeaton 3300 - January 12, 3301; deceased
Ethan Naylor February 20, 3301 - May 26, 3301; deceased First Vice President from a frontier world, Siren.
Brad Mitchell June 11, 3301 - Present Successful businessman, former President of Sales at Reyan BPS before getting into politics.[8]


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