Controlling FactionLoren's Legion
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
Economy typeColony (Refinery)
PowerDenton Patreus vector Denton Patreus
TypeExploited system

Chione was a pleasant pastoral moon until the Prism system was seized by the Loren 'Lineage' (an Imperial family distantly related to the ruling Duval Dynasty) in 3297. The system remains unstable at this time and traders are advised to proceed with caution. Loren's Legion was commissioned by Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney, administrator of Prism in the absence of Senator Loren, to serve as an extension of the Prism defense force. Its charter lends flexibility to more offensive operations throughout the region. Loren's Legion sharply contends with enemies of the Empire in the vicinity of Prism and serves as a bulwark against incursion into Imperial territory.

— In-Game Description

Prism is a unique system, in that it does not carry the name of its most massive star (Sapphire). It is also unique in that it was hand crafted to match the description in the official novel, Elite: Reclamation.

Prism was forcefully annexed by Senator Algreb Loren in 3297.[1] Years later, Prism was the seat of Senator Kahina Tijani Loren's power. Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney was empowered by Senator Loren to represent the people of Prism on her behalf, and has done so since her disappearance in July 3301. In September 3301, Ambassador Delaney commissioned an extension of the Prism defense force called "Loren's Legion."

System LayoutEdit

Minor FactionsEdit

  • Loren's Legion - Player Group
  • Prism as One
  • Prism Life Corp.
  • Dukes of Prism
  • Hand Gang of Prism
  • Traditional LTT 9276 First
  • Mob of HIP 114135
  • Pirates of HIP 111880

References Edit

  1. Elite: Reclamation