Bellmarsh Class Prison Ship

The Prison Ship is a type of Bulk Cruiser Megaship. It transfers large quantities of prisoners to and from planets.

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Some known locations.

Name Class & ID Flight Plan Current System Planet Notes
Alcatraz Class Prison Ship JJF-048 HIP 17692 A 3 HIP 17692 A 3 Attacked by Thargoids
Alcatraz Class Prison Ship SSC-852[1] Milscothach, Luyten 347-14, LHS 332, LFT 926, LHS 332, Luyten 347-14 LFT 926
Bellmarsh Class Prison Ship DLV-812[2] Pohnpet, Timocan, Heretia, HR 1613, Heretia, Timocan HR 1613
Riker Class Prison Ship TFL-853[3] Imiutli, Segobo, Guarada, Segobo, Imiutli, Yarrinic Imiutli

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