Professor Palin
Professor Palin

For most of his career Professor Palin worked for the Federation, but when his research programme was abruptly terminated, he decided to establish an independent team dedicated to studying the Unknown Artefacts, meta-alloys, and all things alien, especially if there is a suggestion it relates to Thargoids. After receiving a generous donation from an anonymous benefactor, he set up a permanent research base in Maia, far outside human space and its regulations, focused on the development of new defence technologies.

— In-game description

Professor Ishmael Palin is the founder and former leader of the Palin Institute,[1][2] as well as an independent Engineer skilled in the improvement of Thrusters and Frame Shift Drives. You can use his skills to modify your ship's modules beyond their standard levels.

Palin also researches alien technologies such as Unknown Artefacts, and offers Cargo Racks that resist their corrosive effects during transport.

His allegiance is independent and his base is the Palin Research Centre on Maia A 3 A.

History Edit


Professor Palin and Unknown Artefact

Late in 3301 Professor Ishmael Palin began an independent research programme, based at Christian Dock in the Nganji System, to study anomalous extraterrestrial objects discovered earlier in the year.[3]

In December he issued a request for help in establishing a new research base on Maia b1ba in order to safely study the artefacts. The request was positively received by the galactic community and Palin's team was soon ready to start work on their new base of operations.[3]

By January 3302 he had announced a dramatic breakthrough in his research into meta-alloys. He confirmed that technical issues at the Obsidian Orbital were a direct result of interference from the artefacts. They also had the ability to repair themselves using resources from other ships and machinery.[3]

In October 3302, the Federation quietly established a blockade of Palin's headquarters, part of the wider cold war between Federal and Imperial forces over the monopolization of meta-alloys. Palin was essentially kept under house arrest and was unable to leave. The blockade was withdrawn on September 9, 3303, as both the Federation and Empire began backing down over the meta-alloy issue since both had failed to gain any control over their sources. Professor Palin was pleased by the development.[4]

Access Requirements Edit

Before you can take advantage of Professor Palin's services, several requirements must first be met:

Discovery Edit

You will learn about Professor Palin after achieving grade 3 access or higher with Marco Qwent.

Meeting Requirements Edit

Travel a distance of 5000 light years or more from your career start system. You will then be invited to meet Professor Palin.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Provide 25 units of Sensor Fragments to gain access to his services.

Reputation Gain Edit

Craft modules to increase your reputation with him (up to grade 5 access). Alternatively, sell exploration data to Palin Research Centre.

Modifications Offered Edit

The following modifications to modules are available from this engineer:

Frame Shift Drive (Grades 1-3) Edit

Thrusters (Grades 1-5) Edit

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