Very high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous.

- In-game Description
Controlling FactionQuince Creative Holdings
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
PowerAisling Duval vector Aisling Duval
TypeUnknown system

Quince is well-known for its 'fast credits' potential which allow players to make millions of credits per hour by stacking Passenger and Planetary Scan Job missions.

This is possible due to the so called 'bug' that allows the missions to be completed just by going to one of the given destinations. For example, a player picked up 5 passenger missions. 3 of them wants to go to Quince Visitor Beacon, the other 2 wants to go to Gaylen's Ascension. The player then brings them to Gaylen's Ascension. Once the player scans the beacon, all the missions including the one which requires the player to go to Quince Visitor Beacon will update. The missions will then ask the player to return to the station that they were picked up from. Planetary Scan Job requires the player to scan certain buildings/outposts. All the player needs to do is too scan any one of the given buildings/outposts. Once the player scans the data point, all the missions will update including those that require the player to be scanning another building/outposts. The player can either return to the station where the missions were issued or destroy his ship. The best way to destroy your ship is to slam your ship into the planet's surface as fast as possible. A speed greater than 320km/s should destroy all or most ships. Or the player could just self-destruct. The player should spawn back at their previous station, most of the time where the missions were issued. The final thing the player has to do is, turn in the missions and watch their bank fill up with credits.

Quince Tourist/Visitor Beacon Edit

Binary planets are always fun places to visit, such as in this case, before you head on to the outdoor world to sample the delights there.

Gaylen's Ascension Edit

The ascension of Gaylen Trasken Duval was marked with chaotic celebrations in the Achenar and Quince systems. With a new Emperor on the throne, the imperial political agenda changed again. Gaylen proved to be a more prickly and temperamental character than his predecessor. Hostilities at Alioth were renewed in 2994, whilst a Federation supported coup in the Ackwada system was ruthlessly suppressed by the Imperial backed forces in 2996.

System Layout Edit

Minor Factions Edit

Notes Edit

  • Quince can be used to quickly rank up with the Empire.

References Edit

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