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Radio Sidewinder is a fan run, immersion boosting radio station set in Elite Dangerous and the Elite Universe. They role play interviews, discussions and adverts to make your Elite Dangerous experience the best it can be. It was created by Commander Black-Bart.[1]

The station broadcasts a mix of ambient, electro and space themed music to complement and entertain the adventures of commanders. It plays a mix of slower music for explorers and traders and faster tracks for those bounty hunting moments.

The playlist also includes Elite Dangerous related news (Galnet), jingles, ads, interviews, in-game information and is designed to increase in-game immersion.

Radio Sidewinder Broadcast Edit

The radio station broadcasts 24/7 and can be received either via the Radio Sidewinder website, the Android and IOS mobile apps, TuneIn or by connecting a media player to the m3u file.

Talk Show Edit

The Radio Sidewinder Talk Show can be found on YouTube.

In-Game Faction Edit

Radio Sidewinder has an in-game player faction based in the Tago system called the Radio Sidewinder Crew.

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