Ram Tah
Ram Tah

Ram Tah has traveled as far as it is possible to go in the galaxy. Over the years he has collected many strange and unusual items, and he's always eager to acquire something new and unknown from the black. On his travels he learned the value of limpets and various defense mechanisms, and so spent many years perfecting his craft in improving them.

— In-game description

Ram Tah is a reclusive engineer who specialises in Limpets and utilities. You can use his skills to modify your ship's modules beyond their standard levels.

He also leads research into the Ancient Ruins. Using data delivered by pilots and explorers he and his researchers made a decryption algorithm that can decipher data patterns contained in mysterious obelisks found at ruins sites. This led to the discovery of a new race called The Guardians.

His allegiance is independent and his base is Phoenix Base, located in the Meene system.

Access Requirements Edit


Ram Tah's base - Phoenix Base

Before you can take advantage of Ram Tah's services, several requirements must first be met:

Discovery Edit

You will learn about Ram Tah after achieving grade 3 access or higher with Lei Cheung.

Meeting Requirements Edit

Attain an exploration rank of Surveyor or higher. You will then be invited to meet Ram Tah.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Provide 50 units of Classified Scan Databanks to gain access to his services.

Reputation Gain Edit

Craft modules to increase your reputation with him (up to grade 5 access). Alternatively, sell exploration data to Phoenix Base.

Modifications Offered Edit

The following modifications to modules are available from this engineer:

Chaff Launcher (Grades 1-5) Edit

Collector Limpet Controller (Grades 1-4) Edit

Electronic Countermeasure (Grades 1-5) Edit

Fuel Transfer Limpet Controller (Grades 1-4) Edit

Hatch Breaker Limpet Controller (Grades 1-3) Edit

Heat Sink Launcher (Grades 1-5) Edit

Point Defence (Grades 1-5) Edit

Prospector Limpet Controller (Grades 1-4) Edit

Lore Edit

03 NOV 3302 – Community Goal: Appeal for Ancient Data Edit

Since the mysterious ruins in the Synuefe XR-H d11-102 system were discovered last week, the site has become a hotbed of activity, with hundreds of explorers attempting to uncover the ruins' secrets.[1]

Now the engineer Ram Tah has announced plans to conduct a comprehensive research programme with the aim of learning more about the site.

At a press event, Ram Tah made the following statement:

"The discovery of the Synuefe ruins is hugely significant, and the site is unquestionably worthy of further study. Fortunately, United Meene Labour has graciously agreed to fund a comprehensive research project."

"I am therefore in the privileged position of being able to devote myself to studying data from the site. It is my hope that by decoding this data, we can learn more about the civilisation responsible for the ruins."

"Having conducted a preliminary survey of the site, I have determined that Pattern Delta Obelisk Data would of great value at this stage."

United Meene Labour has promised to reward pilots who bring Pattern Delta Obelisk Data from the Synuefe ruins to Felice Dock in the Meene system. The campaign begins on the 3rd of November 3302 and will run for two weeks.

25 NOV 3302 – Galactic News: Ram Tah Releases Statement Edit

Earlier this month, engineer Ram Tah announced a research programme designed to uncover the secrets of the Synuefe ruins. The engineer asked pilots to deliver data from the site to his laboratory in the hope that he would be able to decipher it. [2]

But Ran Tah's silence has prompted some to speculate that the engineer might not be up to the task of decoding the data, and that his attempt was nothing more than the naive dream of a backwater mechanic.

When approached with these criticisms, Ram Tah said:

"These things take time. I believe I have made a breakthrough, but I will not be pressured into offering untested claims. As soon as I have results, the galaxy will know."

02 DEC 3302 – Galactic News: Ram Tah Laboratory Attacked Edit

A few days ago, the research centre at Felice Dock in the Meene system was severely damaged in what has been described as 'an act of vandalism'. Authorities at the starport have confirmed that the attack left many of the facilities irreparably damaged.[3]

Readers will no doubt recall that Ram Tah's research project into the ruins of the Synuefe XR-H d11-102 system is based at Felice Dock.

When asked about the delay in investigating the crime, system security forces said it was considered 'low priority', and that it was "probably the work of opportunists."

Ram Tah released the following statement:

"This is clearly an attempt to undermine my research into the Synuefe ruins. Since my investigations began, a number of agencies have made clear their desire to capitalise on the site for personal, political or military gain. The knowledge contained in the ruins does not belong to one individual or organisation – it belongs to everyone."

"My research programme has relocated to Phoenix Base. Strict security protocols have been instated, and anyone approaching without invitation will be fired upon."

09 DEC 3302 – Galactic News: Ram Tah Breaks his Silence Edit

(Note: this Galnet article was released in error during the beta period for the 2.2.03 update, and was subsequently removed. When the update was released on January 10, 2017, the Galnet article was not republished, also in error.[4])

Ram Tah, the reclusive engineer leading research into the Synuefe ruins, has broken his silence. In a statement, he said: [5]

"I have made the first step in unlocking the ruins' secrets! Using data delivered by independent pilots and explorers, my researchers and I have created a decryption algorithm that can decipher the data patterns contained in the mysterious obelisks."

"But although this is extremely exciting, the real work has only just begun. I have taken measures to ensure that our algorithm is automatically uploaded to any ship that docks at a starport in the Meene system. The algorithm will allow independent researchers to decrypt data from the site."

"I sincerely believe that the knowledge in the Synuefe ruins belongs to us all, and I intend to do everything I can to facilitate access to that knowledge."

08 FEB 3304 - Ram Tah's Last Hurrah Edit

Ram Tah, the galaxy's foremost expert on the Guardians, has revealed that his research funding will soon end. In an effort to make the most of his remaining finances, the engineer has appealed to independent pilots to deliver Guardian artefacts to his base in the Meene system.[6]

In a statement, Ram Tah said:

"Public interest in the Guardians may have waned, but I believe there is more to learn. Only through thorough investigation and analysis can we hope to fully understand the Guardians, their technology, and their relationships to other species. This knowledge could be of great importance to humanity."

The campaign has received a financial boost from Meene General Industries, which has promised to reward pilots who deliver artefacts from Guardian sites to Felice Dock in the Meene system.

The campaign begins on the 8th of February 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

15 FEB 3304 - Ram Tah Campaign Concludes Edit

Ram Tah has announced that the galactic community has responded positively to his appeal for Guardian artefacts, resulting in a large number of deliveries to Felice Dock. The engineer will now subject the artefacts to extensive analysis.[7]

As the campaign drew to a close, Ram Tah issued the following statement:

“My heartfelt thanks go to all those who supported this initiative. I’ve already started work and I should have something to share with you soon.”

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Felice Dock in the Meene system.


Ram Tah

27 FEB 3304 - Ram Tah Searching for New Guardian Sites Edit

The engineer Ram Tah, a leading expert on the mysterious Guardians, has requested help in locating undiscovered sites from the ancient alien race. He has issued the following statement:[8]

"The artefacts recently delivered to me have been subjected to intense molecular analysis. As a result, I have deduced the possibility of Guardian sites in three specific systems: Col 173 Sector QU-O d6-25, HD 63154 and Synuefe EU-Q c21-10."

"I urge the galactic community to investigate these systems, where I believe we may find further traces of the Guardians' ancient civilisation. I appreciate that this could be a wild goose chase, but data from such sites – if they exist – would be extremely valuable."

Ram Tah has asked that any data be delivered to him at Phoenix Base in the Meene system.

06 MAR 3304 - Ram Tah Announces New Discoveries Edit

The engineer Ram Tah has revealed that his recent request for pilots to investigate possible Guardian sites has yielded significant discoveries. He has released this statement:[9]

"Thanks to many courageous Commanders, we have found several new Guardian sites and recovered a great deal of data. As I theorised, the ruins are not as dead as they seem, since some are actively defended by ancient Guardian drones."

"My analysis of the data has yielded key technological information, much of which can be put to immediate practical use. This has allowed me to produce blueprints for new weaponry and power-plant systems based on Guardian designs."

"I am currently liaising with technology brokers to manufacture and distribute these devices, which I hope will benefit the galaxy in these troubled times."

Ram Tah added that he will continue to rely on the galactic community’s support in unearthing further knowledge about the Guardians.

10 MAR 3304 - Fresh Knowledge From New Guardian Sites Edit

Following the recent discovery of new Guardian sites, the engineer Ram Tah is seeking help from the galactic community to learn more about the long-lost civilisation.[10]

Further details were outlined in his latest announcement:

"I have developed a decryption algorithm that will translate the codices at Guardian sites. However, pilots are reminded that accessing Guardian data is only possible when in possession of one of their artefacts."

Pilots can obtain Ram Tah’s decryption algorithm from any station in the Meene system other than Felice Dock. The artefacts alluded to by Ram Tah can be found at Guardian sites. Commanders are warned to be on alert, as the sites may be defended by Guardian drones.

Ram Tah also stated: "I will be more than pleased to reimburse any pilot who successfully returns to the Meene system with a complete series of Guardian logs. There is so much more for us to discover about the Guardians and their history, and this could be a significant turning point in our understanding."

22 MAR 3304 - Thargoid Revelations Edit

Aegis has published a report containing significant insights into the Thargoids. The information was provided by the engineer Ram Tah, compiled from recently decrypted logs found at Guardian sites.[11]

Key extracts from the report are reprinted below:

"The codices indicate that the Thargoids may be an older race than the Guardians, and that the two species share a history of conflict. This hostility was a product of the Thargoids' belief that they had a pre-existing claim to the regions of space occupied by the Guardians."

"The Guardians attempted to communicate with the Thargoids, but these efforts ended in failure. They determined that the Thargoids' survival instincts were so strong that they could not tolerate any potential threat, including the proximity of another space-faring civilisation."

"It is now clear that the Guardians’ defensive drones and advanced weaponry were developed principally to protect their worlds from the Thargoids. Although details are scant, it seems these war machines eventually succeeded in repelling the Thargoids."

Professor Alba Tesreau, head of research at Aegis, publicly commented on the report:

"Thanks to Ram Tah and the brave pilots who explored Guardian sites, some of our questions about the Thargoids have been answered. It is clear that our current situation echoes that of the Guardians. Our space, like theirs, was seeded with barnacles thousands of years ago, and now the Thargoids have arrived to reap the biomechanical harvest."

"We now know that the purpose of the Thargoids' ongoing military offensive is to remove humanity from what they consider their territory. If the Thargoids adopt the same modus operandi as with the Guardians, their next move will be to start aggressively mining mineral resources. There is no evidence this has yet begun, however."

Ram Tah has also made a statement about the impact of the findings:

"Until now, the Thargoids have been shrouded in mystery, and their objectives have been unclear. For the first time, we have an insight into what drives them, why they are attacking us, and what their overall goals are. This is a historically significant discovery that I believe will make a huge difference to this conflict, and perhaps to humanity's survival."

06 APR 3304 - New Designs from Technology Brokers Edit

A range of new Guardian-inspired modules are now available from the galaxy's technology brokers. These modules have been developed by the engineer Ram Tah, following his acquisition of data from Guardian sites.[12]

Pilots can now purchase a Guardian power distributor, a Guardian FSD booster and a Guardian shard cannon. The cannon is available in both fixed and turreted versions.

An independent engineering specialist made this comment:

"These Guardian-human hybrid modules offer additional resilience and firepower – both very welcome to Commanders flying combat missions. By taking advantage of the Guardians' expertise, we may be able to replicate their success in fighting the Thargoids."

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