Does it exist, or does it not? If it does, then on Raxxla there’s an alien construct that’s a gateway to other Universes, and all that’s in those Universes in the way of bounty, and treasures, and aliens, and life...

— The Dark Wheel, Robert Holdstock

Raxxla is; a fabled planet, a ghost world, a myth. It first featured in a novella by Robert Holdstock called The Dark Wheel [1], which came packaged with the original Elite game in 1984. Raxxla has been a hot topic for debate within the Elite community ever since.

Legend Edit

As the legend goes, on Raxxla there is an alien construct that's a gateway to other universes, and all that's in those universes in the way of bounty, and treasures, and aliens, and life. Legend also says that long ago, a corps of The Dark Wheel discovered its location and lives there, exploiting the gateways for all the wealth and riches the other universes could provide. This made them powerful and twisted.[2]

Jason Ryder was a member of the Dark Wheel. He found real evidence for the existence of Raxxla and came back from deep space to get a proper team together. Just before he was due to go back he was assassinated. People suspect the assassin was hired by the people who live on Raxxla to kill the threat to their dominance.[2]

Not a shred of hard evidence has been uncovered to suggest that Raxxla actually exists. This world is kept alive by word of mouth and hearsay only, and is one of Elite's most discussed, and intriguing, legends.

Frontier Developments have historically refused to confirm or deny the existence of Raxxla, a possible location, or anything else about it, and continue to do so.[3]

In September 2015, Drew Wagar - one of the official writers for Elite Dangerous - stated "I spoke to David Braben directly in 2014 and he confirmed to me that 'It’s out there and we (FD) know where it is.' – So it does exist." [4]

References to Raxxla Edit

'Raxxla!' Jason said. 'Remember: Raxxla!' Then, as he pushed Alex back into the cramped escape pod, he shouted, 'Remember me, Alex! I wouldn't have wished this on you. Raxxla!" - from The Dark Wheel by Robert Holdstock [5]

"It wasn’t even in the game, though that didn’t stop many of us spending hours looking for it… you just never knew, did you? It remains to be seen whether Raxxla will be featured in Elite Dangerous." - Drew Wagar. [6]

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