Reboot / Repair ship

Reboot and Repair is a function listed in the right UI panel that allows pilots to repair broken modules with the cost of cannibalizing healthy ones.[nb 1]

The health taken from healthy modules is double the amount of health given to broken modules. Furthermore, the function will not work if no modules have less than 5% health or if there aren't any broken modules.

As of December 2016, Reboot and Repair will also restore shields to 50% of their capacity after the process is complete. This is useful in faster, well-shielded ships like the Imperial Courier where one can get away briefly to reboot, and with Prismatic Shields due to their slower broken regeneration rate. While riskier in PvP combat, it is an effective time-saver for high-shield ships in PvE situations, such as between targets during bounty-hunting.

Once the function has been activated, the ship will shut down, deactivating all modules in the process, including Shields, Thrusters and Life Support.

Can not be accessed during Supercruise, along with Self Destruct.

Trivia Edit

  • Introduced in v1.2

Notes Edit

  1. Reboot and Repair cannot repair canopy or hull