Remlok suit

The Remlok suit has advanced technology within tight body-hugging garments and materials. It provides environmental protection from extreme temperature variations and hazards such as hard vacuum in depressurization. The suit can be augmented to provide attachments for tools and other items.[1]

There are solid helmets for space walks to provide sturdy functionality and protection from accidental knocks. During emergencies the Remlok Survival Mask appears instantly to protect the wearer's head. The suit also provides performance enhancers and protection against stresses and strains caused by high-G maneuvers, extreme temperatures and depressurization during a canopy breach.

In the event of a trauma such as a limb loss the suit seals itself around the wound. Lost limbs could be replaced with cybernetic ones.

Tiny electromagnetics are built into the soles of shoes to walk over ferromagnetic floors and walkways in ships. The suit has microthrusters for zero-G movement.

As expected in the year 3301, space suits are not big, bulky things. They're like a jumpsuit. Very light and sleek, can be worn beneath regular clothing. Essentially the suits are jacks of all trades for all sorts of situations. There are specialized, heavier suits.

A pilot's suit can be customized with the Holo-Me.

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Remlok is the main provider of outfitting for pilots. It manufactures multi-tool boxes, the Remlok Suit and Remlok Survival Mask which instantly deploys from the wearer's suit during an emergency situation, such as a ship breach where the vacuum of space causes oxygen depletion.

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  • H.E. Suits are space suits that are specifically made for hostile environments.

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