Vulture Canopy Breach

Players respawn when their ship or vehicle gets destroyed. This can happen by for example combat, crashing into something, self-destruction, overheating, or running out of life support.

Lore Edit

When a pilot's ship receives catastrophic hull damage (breaks apart) or becomes incapable of supporting life, the commander automatically escapes via an ever-present escape pod. In most circumstances, the escape pod transports the pilot back to the last station that they docked at.[1] In the event that the pilot has committed a crime, acquired a bounty, and is then destroyed by security forces or ATR, they will instead be transported to the nearest Detention Centre.

The Remlok Suit provides environmental protection from extreme temperature variations and hazards such as hard vacuum in depressurization. During emergencies the Remlok Survival Mask appears instantly to protect the wearer's head.

Gameplay Edit

When the player's ship explodes, the screen will show 'Ship Destroyed'. (There is no simulation of the escape pod.) The player can press 'continue' to view the insurance costs to rebuy the old ship loadout, or get a Sidewinder for free. In either case, the player respawns at the station at which they last docked.

When the player's SRV is destroyed, the player respawns onboard their ship.

Respawn is unnecessary when a ship-launched fighter controlled by the player is destroyed, since they are remotely-piloted vehicles ("telepresence control"). The player remains onboard their ship.

After respawn the player retains all credits, stored ships and modules, materials, and ranks. All cargo, unsold exporation data, and unclaimed bounty vouchers and combat bond vouchers are lost. All uncompleted missions are terminated.

For the effects of respawn on fines, bounties, and wanted status, see Bounty.

The total number of respawns and the related insurance claims are displayed on the right-side Systems HUD (under Status > Statistics > Balance).

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