Spoihaae XE-X d2-9 System Map

SPOIHAAE XE-X D2-9 is a white dwarf system about 600 light years from Colonia. There's a landable metal rich planet A1 close in orbit, also known as the World of Death. The streams can damage ships. It has a 0.1D orbit around its parent white dwarf. CMDR Leif Erikson was the first person to discover it.

The planet's orbital period is 88 minutes which shows an incredible sunrise of the white dwarf with a super close-up. Its rotation period is 176 minutes - exactly twice the orbital period. The planet has 1.16g which can be tricky to land on. Its far point is 2.5ls from the white dwarf, but at the perihelion (near point) it comes to a deadly 0.06ls.[1] It should only be approached when the planet is outside the exclusion zone of the white dwarf.[2]

Orbital and Physical Parameters Edit

  • WD radius: 6,983 km
  • planet orbital eccentricity: 0.954
  • planet perihelion: 18,365.8 km (0.0612 ls)
  • planet aphelion: 776,656.7 km (2.59 ls)

So the closest approach is only 2.63 WD radii. (1.63 radii above the surface of the stellar remnant).

Landing Tips Edit

Some tips for landing on the planet by Mobius135:[3]

  • There is a safe zone when it orbits just outside of the White Dwarf cone, just when it is about halfway from the star and the end of the cone. You can safely land without damage from the cone while it is in this pattern.
  • You will not take damage in your SRV.
  • Dismiss your ship for safety. However, it is worth mentioning that if you are in your SRV, your ship will not take damage even while landed nearby and in full effect of the cone.
  • The planet orbits every 88 minutes, and the lightshow is visible from pretty much anywhere on the surface.
  • This is 600Ly below Colonia, meaning it is about 22KLy from Sol, sorry Bubblers.

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