Within the Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion there are Surface Recon Vehicles (SRV) that serve as a way to manoeuvre on planetary surfaces. Depending on the gravity of the planet the SRV handles differently.

SRVs have a Wave Scanner which is an unidirectional long-range forward facing scanner that detects a variety of vehicles and points of interest.

There will be different classes and sizes of SRVs to come and you will have to sacrifice Internal Compartments for the Planetary Vehicle Hangar module which provides the on-board hangar space to carry and repair an SRV, which is purchased separately from the Hangar module. The first SRV to come is the Scarab and every ship available will be able to store it with the help of a Planetary Vehicle Hangar.

If the player dies in their SRV, they will return to their ship, regardless of if it is still landed, or has taken off automatically.

Any SRV damage is automatically repaired upon returning to the ship.

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