Dr Saeed McNamara is an Utopia futurologist. He responded to accusations that dissidents in systems under their control were being roughly treated.

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03 SEP 3301

  • Dr Saeed McNamara said: "I've been saddened by recent publications that describe the Utopia movement as a cult or oppressive theocracy," "All societies have disruptive elements who threaten the stability of the whole, but I like to think we take a more humane approach to dealing with them than others.[1]
  • “Rather than enslaving or oppressing disruptive elements, or shipping them off to penal colonies to break rocks for the rest of their lives, we introduce our problem citizens to revolutionary simulation technology designed to increase their empathy for their fellow men and women. Criminals and dissidents aren't evil – they've just become disconnected from society. We've proved time and again that seeing the world through the eyes of others, through technology, can be a healing experience."[1]

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