Dimensions4.8m x4m x2.5m
Cost5,270 CR
Top Speed38 m/s
Shields25 MJ
Hull Mass4 t
Cargo Capacity2 t

The Scarab is a Surface Recon Vehicle that allows pilots to drive around planetary surfaces in the Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion.[1]

Capabilities Edit

The Scarab takes up one vehicle bay in the Planetary Vehicle Hangar. It can move at different speeds on different surfaces. It features working headlights and brake / reverse lights.

Speed Edit

On roads in cities the scarab can easily reach a top speed of 38 m/s with 4 ps. On other surfaces the speed is much lower, such as little hills and rocky terrain. Gravity also affects how fast the Scarab can move.

Detection Edit

Unlike skimmers, the Scarab is not detectable in a ship. It is possible to detect a scarab while in another scarab. From a distance, the Scarab appears from a ship as a little light moving across the surface.

Defense Edit

Combat-wise it is outfitted with a shield and a plasma repeater turret.

Modules Edit

The Scarab has a Wave Scanner module. It's an unidirectional, long-range, forward facing scanner that detects a variety of vehicles and points of interest.

Notes Edit

  • To assist with manoeuvring on low-gravity planets the SRV thrusters produce downforce, resulting in artificially higher gravity than actual gravity. On planets with gravity less than 1G, the SRV's effective gravity is the average of 1G and the actual value[2]. For example, on a 0.2G world the effective gravity will be 0.6G. The lowest possible effective gravity is therefore slightly above 0.5G. On planets above 1G, downforce is not used and the actual gravity value applies.

Trivia Edit

  • Over 92,322,972,771 meters have been driven in SRVs so far as of March 4, 2018.[3]

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