Selene Jean Engineer

Selene Jean engineer

Selene Jean is an engineer who specializes in hull reinforcements and armour. Her home system is Kuk and allegiance to the Alliance. Tod "The Blaster" Mcquinn provides you information about her when you are at tier 3.

History Edit


Selene Jean's engineer base

A former miner, Selene has a talent for improving a ship's hull defence, although she only offers her services to fellow prospectors. She's rumoured to be the daughter of a rock hermit, but she rarely talks about her childhood. As almost a counterpoint to her secluded upbringing she has gathered a robust and trusted team, mostly fellow ex-prospectors, who work alongside her. Her eccentricity extends to her diet, growing a wide range of exotic vegetables to eat, in a wonderfully natural setting. Develop your relationship with her to discover another engineer.[1]

References Edit

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