A Senator is a member of the Imperial Senate, an institution involved in the leadership of the Empire. They answer to no-one but the Emperor.

Senators are similar to those of the Roman Empire on Earth (27 BC – AD 1453).[1] They enforce Imperial Law and can determine the tax rates of their supporters and systems. Senators themselves are above the law. They can order executions, and even kill people themselves. They're rarely held to account by the Emperor. The late Emperor Hengist Duval was not involved in politics for a long time and relied on Senator Blaine. This laissez-faire attitude made the senators increasingly powerful and ambitious. Some senators are warlike while others oppose slavery.[2][3][4]

A Senator's voting power in the Imperial Senate is determined by the total number of citizens (clients and patrons) that they represent. Powerful patrons have most influence on their senator. Patrons can move their block to a different senator if they think the senator doesn't represent the views of their clients.[5]

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