Felicia Winters

Current Shadow President Felicia Winters

In the Federation government, the Shadow President is the leader of the opposition party to the current Federal President. When the leader of one of the Federation's two main political parties, the Liberal Party and the Republican Party, is elected President, then the leader of the other party automatically becomes Shadow President. The position of Shadow President is unrelated to that of Vice President, who is selected and appointed directly by the President.

Congressman Zachary Hudson of the Republican Party held the title of Shadow President during the Liberal Administration of President Jasmina Halsey; when Halsey disappeared, she lost a Vote of No Confidence and Hudson was elected President.[1] Congresswoman Felicia Winters of the Liberal Party, formerly Secretary of State to Halsey and Acting President during the initial days of her disappearance, became the current Shadow President.[2]


  • This title is similar to a Shadow Minister, a position held by a member of the principal opposing party to the current Prime Minister's party, normally 'shadowing' a specific government minister. The directly equivalent post is the Leader of the Opposition, who is the leader of the principal opposing party.


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