Launches mines that are designed to physically shock and push on a ship more than damage it outright.

— In-Game Description

Shock Mine Launcher

Shock Mine Launcher

The Shock Mine Launcher works just like the Mine Launcher. It drops a mine when fired and once the mines are dropped they will detonate when any hostile ship enters its proximity. The difference is upon detonation, the mines from the Shock Mine Launcher mainly provided concussive force to disorient a ship, with little damaging force. Thus, damage inflicted is either minimal or none.

Shock mines can be used as an escape tool to delay chasers or as a method to push enemy ships into asteroids within heavy asteroid fields.

It's useful for tagging a ship while damaging it as little as possible. For example temporarily disable Frame Shift Drive. They can knock a ship off course slightly like a force shell effect on cannons. If you dump a whole cluster in one spot it'll have more impact when a ship flies through it.