Stations are built in space to provide living space for humans, and are specialized to produce certain goods. Ships can dock at them, allowing access to the station services. Station services include accepting missions and passenger contracts, buying new ships or outfitting for ships, clearing and collecting bounty, paying fines, refuelling, repairs, trading (legally and illegally), and hiring crew. They are also equipped with their own defence systems in place to deal with criminals and smugglers. Defensive turrets are very powerful and can destroy a small size ship (Hauler, Cobra) in a matter of seconds.

Some stations rotate to provide centrifugal force simulating the pull of gravity. The exterior appearance of a station is an accurate depiction of its specialized economic output, although there are several variants of each model. For example, towns and farms are clearly visible in agricultural hubs, or Orbis models.

The number and quality of services available at a station can vary. Under certain extreme conditions, such as when a large quantity of Unknown Artefacts has been sold on a station's black market, most or all services, including refuelling, may be disabled. Two station types, Capital Ship Docks and Installations, offer no docking facilities or services.

Lore Edit

Starports such as the Coriolis, Orbis and Ocellus are a safe haven for pilots amid the vastness of space. They’re also very big; an entire city floating in space and slowly rotating to create artificial gravity for the traders, pilots, tourists and citizens aboard. Millions of people live and work there. Gravity differs between each tower's floors. For many residents real daylight is a rare privilege. The landing hub is pressurized with an atmosphere. The docking hub is a safe zone, because no firing of weapons is permitted. Defensive turrets protect it and uphold the law.[1]


Station TypeEdit

The station type and interiors are determined by star system type, economy, and population. There are Tourism, Refinery, Agriculture, Tech, Regular, and Wealthy station interiors.

Regular Station

Regular station (e.g. Azeban City, Eranin)

Wealthy Station

Wealthy station (e.g. Leonard Nimoy Station, LHS 3006)

Tourism Station

Tourism station (e.g. Galouye Terminal, Obambivas)

Refinery Station

Refinery station (e.g. Phillips Dock, Peacock)

Tech Station

Tech station (e.g. Thornycroft Terminal, Kuwair)

Agriculture Station

Agriculture station (e.g. Kingsbury Dock, Thrutis)


Main article: Docking

To dock with a station, pilots must first request docking permissions by accessing the navigational terminal's "Contacts" tab. Pilots farther than 7,500m from a station will be automatically denied access and asked to approach to said distance first. In heavily populated or lagging instances, all ports may be occupied and a permit will be denied. Once granted, the pilot will be assigned a landing pad number to approach and land on. If the pilot does not land within the allotted time slot [usually 10 minutes], the pilot will have to exit the station and request additional permissions. Attempting to dock without permissions will trigger a lethal response within 60 seconds. This includes docking on the incorrect landing platform.

If docking control responds with a generic "docking request denied" message, then it's likely all landing pads are occupied. One can circumvent this by logging out of the open play and into solo play will usually fix this. Once docked, you can switch back to open play.

Upon undocking from your landing platform, you will have 5 minutes to exit the station before you are considered a loiterer and a 60-second hostility timer begins.

To either side of the docking port are lights coloured green and red. Pilots should approach on the side with the green lights to reduce the chance of a collision.

Ship StorageEdit

Players can purchase and store additional ships at each station and switch freely between them when docked. These can be accessed from the shipyard section of the starport services screen.

No Fire ZoneEdit

All stations have an area surrounding them designated a no fire zone. You are notified each time your ship enters and exits this area. You will also receive a message when your ship enters this zone to retract your weapons, should they be deployed at the time. If you should fire any of your weapons within the no fire zone you will be fined. Station defences will activate and open fire on your ship if your weapons hit the station or any ship that is not wanted in that jurisdiction. Using any scanner within the no fire zone is perfectly legitimate and legal.

Dumping any cargo within the no fire zone will get you fined, except while docked in the station.

Travelling faster than 100 m/s in a no fire zone will give you a reckless flying fine if you are in a collision with another ship, however this does not apply for speeds under 100 m/s. If a collision, no matter the speed, results in a ship being destroyed you will be charged for murder and have the station open fire on you.[nb 1]


CoriolisStation 001
Landing Pads Small 15
Medium 18
Large 9
Rotation Time 90 sec. (89.714 exactly)
Gravity (G) Docks: 0.1
Lower decks: 1.0
Dimensions (KM) 2 km in Radius
OcellusStation 001
Landing Pads Small 15
Medium 18
Large 9
Rotation Time 90 sec.
Gravity (G) Docks: 0.1
Equatorial trench: 0.7
Lower decks: 1.0
Ring: 1.2
Dimensions (KM)
OrbisStation 001
Landing Pads Small 15
Medium 18
Large 9
Rotation Time 120 sec.
Gravity (G) Docks : 0.1
Middle Ring : 0.5
Outer Ring : 1
Dimensions (KM) Big Torus is 4 km in radius
Small Torus is 2 km in radius
Outpost 001
Landing Pads Small 2-4
Medium 1
Large 0
Rotation Time N/A
Gravity (G) N/A
Dimensions (KM) Varies
Asteroid Base
Asteroid Base 2.3 beta
Landing Pads Small 4
Medium 8
Large 6
Rotation Time 300 sec.
Gravity (G) N/A
Dimensions (KM) N/A
Capital Ship Dock
Capital ship dock
Landing Pads Small 0
Medium 0
Large 0
Rotation Time N/A
Gravity (G) N/A
Dimensions (KM) N/A
Elite Dangerous Installation
Landing Pads Small 0
Medium 0
Large 0
Rotation Time N/A
Gravity (G) N/A
Dimensions (KM) N/A


Ocellus Station Construction

Ocellus station construction

While Outposts (and possibly Coriolis stations) are constructed in orbit where they are needed, Ocellus and Orbis stations are partially constructed elsewhere, transported to their destinations, and then completed. The Ocellus and Orbis dock enclosures are built first, then attached to an engine assembly that allows them to jump to the final build site. Upon arrival, the docks are opened to the public for docking, but remain stationary. The engines are eventually detached, and a spire built along the dock's rear axis to accommodate habitation rings, solar panel arrays, and other modules. Once the station's modules are completed, the station is rotated and is considered fully online.

Notable Stations Edit

  • Jameson Memorial has all ships and modules available for purchase at a 10% discount. This Orbis station orbits Founders World. You must reach the rank of Elite or be a Kickstarter backer in order to get a permit to access Founders World.

Notes Edit

  1. If the ship is player controlled and has Report Crimes Against Me turned off, no fines or bounties will be issued

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  • Category:Stations - automatically populating list of documented stations
  • Influence - Information about faction ownership of stations
  • Megaship - A class of ships with on-board docking facilities for smaller ships

References Edit

  1. Official The Art of Elite Dangerous art book, August 17 2016

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