Achilles Corp Stinger-2 attack skimmer – Smaller and quicker than Core Dynamics offerings in this sector, and also cheaper to buy. It has no weapon mount, but carries explosives, and can be directed by its pilot to self destruct, taking out its target. Some installations use these skimmers to form a last line of defence for sensitive bases and outposts. In essence they are a flying bomb. The Achilles Corporation recently cut down its range of skimmers just to the Stinger-2, but it is rumoured they will be launching new skimmers in the next few years.

— Newsletter #94

Stinger2 closeup

Stinger-2 surface skimmer is a drone commonly found in all types of surface settlements and sometimes in ship wreckages. Once given the order to attack it will home in on pilot's ship or SRV and explode in close proximity, dealing very low shield and moderate hull damage. It has a very weak hull and can be shot down easily.

Gallery Edit

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