2015-12-05 00001
Controlling FactionSummerland Patrons Party
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
PowerDenton Patreus vector Denton Patreus
TypeExploited system

Darkwater Inc is one of the largest private military forces to ever exist and their headquarters situated in this system. 'Keeping watch and keeping you safe.'

— In-Game Description.

Summerland is an Imperial star system, and contains the headquarters of Darkwater Inc.

Travelling to Summerland requires a permit, which is acquired at the Imperial rank of Baron (7).

System LayoutEdit

Minor FactionsEdit

  • Summerland Patron's Party (Patronage, Empire)
  • Summerland Patron's Principles (Patronage, Empire)
  • Summerland Crimson Allied Int (Corporate, Empire)
  • People's Quivira for Equality (Democracy, Empire)
  • Raiders of Summerland (Anarchy, Independent)

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