The Sundance Wars were three large conflicts with the Bipartisan Economical Faction of Raxxla and the Human Allied Corps. The wars were for control of the Thargoid origination system and perhaps a foothold in battle in case of another war. The HAC was well organized and raised the support of 12 different powers including Federal Dropships while the BEFR gained support of the Alliance of Independent Systems.

Interference of Superpowers

The Federation and the Empire had not heard of this conflict yet and so had not intervened on a side of a particular faction. The BEFR had gained military resources from Obsidian Orbital, without the knowledge of the Federation and allies. The Empire hearing about this, declared war on the side of the HAC and supplied them with Imperial Cutters and Imperial Fighters. The Federation declared itself neutral throughout the war.

The First War

The system of Raxxla was fortified well against the wishes of the HAC and therefore led to a 5 month long siege.

The Break of the Siege

The BEFR mustered every ship in the territory and prepared to break the siege, using trade ships as bait and Federal Dropships to deploy BEFR Marines. The dogfight that ensued lasted 15 days until the HAC lost their Imperial Cutters to missiles. The HAC withdrew it's force and the first war was won by the BEFR. The casualties of both sides are:


400 Marines, 900 pilots and their ships, 10 Dropships, The High Commander aboard the Razor, 1 Capital Ship, 700 militia fighters and their ships, and 1,000 Type-9's


7,000 crew members, 3 Capital Ships, 56 Imperial Cutters, 1,600 Imperial Fighters, 1 Imperial Capital Ship, 3,000 Bait Ships and their crews, and 4 Imperial Admirals

Total Deaths:



The Second War

The Empire seized control of the HAC and prepared to attack the BEFR forces once more about 4 years later. The BEFR learned about his VIA Galnet and readied their forces for a preemptive attack, using their siege-breaking plans from the previous war. The Alliance supplied the BEFR with 14 Capital Ships to use in their combat against the Imperial Human Allied Corps. (IHAC).

The Battle of 14 Shipyards

"This crippling attack on our fleet gives our soldiers more resolve in their firefight against the Alliance and the BEFR. Stand united against evil! Onwards!"- The Imperial High Admiral one day after the attack.

The BEFR attacked the Imperials at their dockyards and completely destroyed every Capital Ship, Fighter, and Dropship on the ground. The casualties were high on the IHAC side, with almost every soldier on the ground declared KIA in the next ten hours. However, in the second and third wave of the attacks, the Imperials managed to get the surviving fighters off the ground to defend, which although was not very successful, led to the retreat of the BEFR bomber squadron.

The Imperial Fleet was effectively knocked out of action and only 1 Capital Ship remained standing. The rest of the fleet was smoldering in repair docks that would never be able to get the ship to work again. Nevertheless, this reassured the people of the Empire and eventually, the Capital Ship was sent to attack Alioth the Alliance's capitol system.

The Attack on Alioth

The Capital Ship remaining attacked Alioth on the day of the supposed fleet launch. At the head of the fleet, commanding the lone destroyer was the Imperial High Admiral, the highest ranking admiral in the Imperial fleet. As they entered near the star of Alioth, they were immediately fired on by Alliance Militia Forces. The Capital Ship's shields were wiped out and the heat sinks and turrets were the next to go. As the fight went on, the High Admiral ordered the ship to scuttle when the hull reached 25%. In the next hour, the Capital Ship managed to hold off about 500 Alliance fighters. After 3 hours of non-stop fighting, the Capital Ship scuttled itself taking out every soldier on board as well as 463 Alliance Fighters. The IHAC formally surrendered on the next day.

Casualty Count

The BEFR suffered only 466 destroyed fighters and 1 crippled Alliance Capital Ship that was back in action in the next 72 hours. The IHAC however, suffered about 118 Capital Ships destroyed, and 3,000 Fighters, Bombers, and Dropships destroyed. The human cost of the IHAC war effort topped 1 million soldiers.

The Third War

The third war was more of a puppet war, in which each side secretly backed a different organization in the Sundance Corporation's Civil War. The BEFR and the Alliance backed the Loyalist Party while the IHAC backed the Separatist Party. All the battles of this war were minor except for the battle of Two Mills, which was destroyed in combat after the Federation intervened and destroyed the station along with all soldiers inside. The war ended in an armistice between both sides agreeing to better and more fair wages for the Separatist Party, which formally declared a victory.

Casualty Count

BEFR-3 million soldiers and most of the BEFR supplied Loyalist Fleet

IHAC-1,000 Soldiers and 14 Ships[citation needed]

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