Jameson/Jones: SupermassiveEdit

Jameson/Jones: Supermassive is a forthcoming novel written and illustrated by André Czausov.
Suprmasv banner

The story explores the tension between an ageing Commander Jameson and a hotheaded young gangster/bounty hunter, as they meet under fire and then struggle for supremacy in space, all the while stalked by a galaxy-spanning evil that will require their combined skills to survive. This theme in part represents the gulf between the old game of Elite and its newer, flashier incarnation—as a kind of homage to the mighty efforts of Braben & Co to revive it. It also represents a tip of the hat to the potential age range between the oldest and newest players of the revised game.

A number of included story elements will be the product of in-book rewards granted to individual supporters of the original crowdfund at Pozible.

JAMESON JONES SUPERMASSIVE - an Elite Dangerous novel-104:31

JAMESON JONES SUPERMASSIVE - an Elite Dangerous novel-1

Original crowdfund video trailer / pitch

The most complete PDF editions of the book will also include a teaser copy of Void magazine, a parody/community news journal featuring serious and not-so-serious content for players and dreamers of Elite:Dangerous.

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