Anderson Beacon Surface Port

Surface ports are advanced cities on planets and moons. Various services are available. Ships can dock and SRVs are deployable from there. The planet surface market has specific commodities. Some missions only spawn at ports. Security patrols are usually present. Certain ports display their allegiance to a power.

There are different types of ports such as the big ringed surface ports. These are visible on the planetary map.

How to use Ports Edit


Courier at a surface port

Ports are ground based equivalents of starports. When in a ship you should treat them exactly the same. You’ll need to request docking, and should refrain from committing crimes if you want to stay safe and welcome![1]

When in your SRV, if your ship is docked at a port, you’ll need to request docking to get back to it. After docking has been approved, follow the nav-compass – it will lead you to a nearby garage.

Once in the garage, you can use the role switch interface to board your ship.

Be aware: if your ship is docked at a port, you cannot recall it to your location if you are within a few kilometers. You will need to move further away from the port or request docking to get back to your ship.

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