FactionGuardians of Tranquillity
FacilitiesCommoditeis, Refuel, Repair, Re-arm, Outfitting, Shipyard
Trade data
EconomiesHigh Tech
ImportsCobalt, Rutile, Lithium
ExportsMIcrobial Furnaces, Robotics, Adfavcned Catalysers
ProhibitedToxic Waste
Stellar data
Orbital Period0.2 D
Semi Major Axis50,000 km
Orbital Eccentricity0.0000
Orbital Inclination0.00 Deg
Arg of Periapsis130.63 Deg
Rotational Period1.0 D
Axial Tilt0.00 Deg
An eagle docking at Tranquillity

Rares traders (some of us moonlight as mercenaries), we are the Guardians of Tranquillity and we run Tranquillity Station, a High Tech station that orbits the terraformed world of Hanandroo, the third planet of the Tarach Tor System. It stands at a political crossroads between the four major powers of Patreus, Antal, Yong-Riu and Hudson.  After an unhappy period of exploitation by the thought police of Pranav Antal we have thrown off the oppressors and are now in a more positive relationship with Li Yong Riu.

We protect our heritage, the Tarach Spice (our Rare Good), and we conserve the marshy regions of Hanandroo where the Spice Beetle burrows; feeding on the lurid green mosses that grow there, giving our Spice and our eyes the unmistakable glow of euphoria.

Our Dominion:

Tranquillity is our home and we will guard it with our lives. We do, however, have other holdings:

Systems we run: Mwamen, BD-22 286 and Lawd 7

Systems we have a presence in: Vendemo, Chankun, Mwamen, Minerva, Mazu, LHS 1228, 33 Chi Ceti & Gautama

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