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The Thargoid Scout is an alien vessel used by the Thargoids. One Scout subtype has been identified: the "Marauder Variant".


The wreckage of a lone Thargoid Scout was first discovered on September 28, 3303, on the planet HIP 17125 A 3 A in the HIP 17125 system.[1] The circumstances of the discovery are somewhat mysterious, as the original discoverer of the wreckage is unknown.[1] It is hard, but possible to scan it to create a "Crash Site" POI in the Nav panel - the problem is to find appropriate location; it was scanned with shown distance 510m at the edge where rocks and bottom of the ship meet.

SRV analysis of the wreckage identified it as a Thargoid Scout by comparing it to existing knowledge databases. High concentrations of mycoid particle, the bioweapon used by INRA against the Thargoids during the first conflict in the mid-3100's, were also detected. Scattered near the wreck were green canister-like objects identified as Thargoid Biological Matter.

A second Thargoid Scout crash site was discovered on January 6, 3304 by CMDR Sileo (Wing Atlantis), on planet 2 A in the Pleiades Sector LN-T C3-4 system.[2]

On February 27, 3304, following several weeks of Thargoid Interceptor attacks on stations equipped with Aegis laboratories throughout the Pleiades Nebula, pilots began reporting encounters with active Thargoid Scouts both in the Pleiades and in the fringes of the Core Systems. The Pilots Federation designated these vessels "Marauders". The ships demonstrated greater agility than Interceptors, but proved vulnerable to conventional weaponry.[3]



Variant USS Threat Level Notes
Marauder 4-8 Immediately hostile. Encountered in groups of 3-12 or more, depending on Threat Level. Sometimes accompanied by Thargoid Interceptors.



Thargoid Scout

The Thargoid Scout has obvious organic characteristics, but not to the same extent as a Thargoid Interceptor, and has an octagonal configuration reminiscent of both Interceptors and Thargoid Surface Sites. It is also much smaller than an Interceptor, and comparable to an Eagle in size.


Thargoid Scouts have two weapons: a rapid-fire energy weapon that partially breaches shields and can inflict damage directly to a ship's hull and modules, and the caustic enzyme missiles that are also used by Thargoid Interceptors. The energy weapon is weak, and a well-shielded ship should have no issue shrugging off multiple salvos.[4]


In sharp contrast with Thargoid Interceptors, Scouts are weak both offensively and defensively, relying on attacking in numbers to make up for the deficit in combat capability. Scouts lack the ability to deploy Thargons, have no Thargoid Hearts to target, cannot regenerate, and are not especially durable. Both standard weapons and AX weapons are effective against them. While small and medium ships operating alone may struggle while confronting large numbers of Marauder Scouts, large ships with enough weapons and shields can take on these encounters with relative ease.[4]

Crash Site LocationsEdit

System Planet Surface Coordinates Notes
HIP 17125 A 3 A -65.8193, 48.8662 Discovered on September 28, 3303, original discoverer is unknown[1]
Pleiades Sector LN-T c3-4 2 A -60.8915, 42.5718 Discovered on January 6, 3304 by CMDR Sileo[2]

Notes Edit

  • On Frontier's 24 hour charity live stream for SpecialEffect, David Braben confirmed that a new version of the Thargoid Scout is coming early 2018. Braben said "some of you would have seen some Thargoid ships in the game that crashed on the surface. Those ships might well date back to 3250 or thereabouts so it's quite possible early next year you might see those in a slightly different form."[5]




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