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Thargoid ship

A Thargoid ship in Frontier: First Encounters

The Thargoids are an insectoid alien species who are said to originate outside of known space, perhaps existing in a parallel universe or spacial dimension.  Thargoids are the one of two known sapient species in the galaxy (the other being human), although artefacts of other species have been found. Of course a lot of the galaxy remains unexplored so there may be species not yet discovered, but we should expect them to be quite rare.[1]

They are very hostile and aggressive and have not been interested in diplomatic relations to date. It has been rumoured that Thargoids could be capable of building large artificial structures which could possibly be on a scale with planets, and certainly large enough to negate a ship's warp ability.[2]

Certain events in Frontier: First Encounters have indicated that there may be another side to Thargoids; in prior conflicts, they have shown some anomalous behavior that does not entirely match with their popular image as relentless killing machines. At some point, a Commander Jameson may or may not have interacted with them, and may or may not have chosen to provide them with the vaccine to a genetically-engineered fungus ("hyper-mycoid") that attacked critical materials in their hyperdrives, preventing the construction of interstellar vehicles. If not, and if they appear in Dangerous regardless, then it can be assumed they developed a countermeasure on their own.

Frontier Development staff have previously commented that all Thargoids are female.[3] David Braben hinted that should peace have ever been found with Thargoids, it would be a temporary measure.[4]

Elite DangerousEdit

Initially, it was only confirmed that Thargoids would eventually make an appearance in Elite Dangerous, and the specifics of that encounter were unknown.[5][6][7] On January 5, 3303, Commander DP Sayre reported the first known encounter with an Unknown Ship, which is possibly a type of Thargoid vessel.

Elite Dangerous Unknown Ship HD

Unknown ship.


Not much information has been obtained about Thargoid society or culture. The only known fact is that the society is hive based, with no sense of close family. It is thought that the society is divided into colonies, possibly along the lines of ant colonies.

Thargoids are thought to have a natural affinity with space, and with witchspace in particular. This is due to the fact that Thargoid warriors seem to spend a large amount of time in space. Naval pilots and crews report that the warships in the war zones are encountered on repeated occasions over a period of months often without respite.

Based on the study of some wrecked ships, Thargoids as a species seem to have a very spartan approach to furnishing and belongings. Crew quarters are practically devoid of possessions other than those necessary for military crew. All belongings are functional and necessary.


Nothing is known about internal Thargoid politics.

Thargoid relations with other species is frighteningly simple: war. The three largest organisations in Galaxy 1 are all at war with the Thargoid species, and they are constantly under threat of planetary invasion.

The Thargoid invasions usually seem to be prompted by the need for either agricultural or mineral resources, rather than a sociological or anthropological need to expand or colonise. In fact, the animal life on an invaded world is largely ignored unless it poses a threat to Thargoids.


Thargoid technology is vastly different and in many ways far superior to established GalCop technology. The warships have no visible form of propulsion, neither from vented emissions nor engine exhausts, yet they are manoeuvrable and agile.

The Thargoids are also superior in the use of advanced AI and remote craft, an area in which GalCop is sadly behind.

Other fields of technology that the Thargoids are in advance of GalCop, include metallurgy, biogenetics, physics and weapons tech. Their hyperdrives and shield technologies are also superior.

Origins of nameEdit

The name 'Thargoid' is believed to have come from the regular skit 'Captain Kremmen' performed by radio and TV personality Kenny Everett on both his radio shows and, in animated form, on TV.[8]

The animated skits show the Thargoids as a species of tall, transparent creatures who are part of a highly-wealthy monarchical society.[9] It is assumed that their main source of income is profiting from the sale of natural resources taken from planets they have colonised stretching thousands of light years.

A tourist POI in Lave[10] states that the word "THARG" appeared in a blurred image of an encounter and the name stuck, extended to 'Thargoid' by most commentaries.



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