The Buckyball Run is the name of an unsanctioned series of races throughout the galaxy. Originally started as a protest against restrictive traffic regulations, the race became a way for Commanders to hone their piloting and navigation skills as well as push the limits of ships and generally having a good bit of fun.

To date, ten "official" Buckyballs have been run. The courses have ranged from short point-to-point races to an endurance run to Sagittarius A*. The Buckyball Racing Club, founded by veteran pilots of the Buckyball Run, formed to hold more regularly scheduled events.

Buckyball racing, or "Buckyballing" is different than the style of Elite Racers, where small, maneuverable ships fly tight circuits in and around space stations and through twisting canyon's of planetary surfaces. Buckyball races involve interplanetary and interstellar travel, requiring route plotting, fuel management, planetary braking and speed docking in order to travel the race course in the shortest amount of time. As there are no restrictions on the types of ships that can enter a Buckyball, almost all classes of vessels have made a run, though ships with the longest ranges are favored.

To date, the shortest Buckyball was BBR1, from Magec to Wyrd with a distance of less than 50 light years. The longest Buckyball was the Buckyball Run A*, which saw over one hundred commanders race 26,000 light years to Sagittarius A* in 3301, with the winning time set at 8 hours, 43 minutes and 43 seconds.

The Buckyball Run is also unique in that while it is highly competitive, there is no prize awarded for winning the race. Participants are awarded bumper stickers for their ships, and traditionally the pilot with the top time buys the drinks for the rest of the field at the after party which follows each event. Individual pilots are also responsible for repairs to their own ships as well as damage claims against them by station managers or other pilots.

Previous Buckyball Runs Edit

Race Date Winner Ship Type
BBR1 08 AUG 3300 Hardware Wasteland II Viper MK III
BBR2 17 AUG 3300 Hardware Wasteland II Viper MK III
BBR3 30 AUG 3300 Mutant Caesium-137 Viper MK III
BBR4 09 SEP 3300 Katzenfalconburger Booze Cruiser Viper MK III
BBR5 11 OCT 3300 TIE: DixieFlatline

TIE: Reload

Dreaming Among Stars

She Got The House

Asp Explorer


BBR6 17 JAN 3301 Alot Explodes on Contact Hauler
BBR7 04 APR 3301 Alot Sailin' Susan Viper MK III
BBRA* 19 APR 3301 Alot Rhonda Anaconda
BBR9 02 JAN 3302 Cookiehole RSXRS Falcon Asp Explorer
BBRX 28 JUN 3302 Cookiehole Fireball Hauler

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