The Festival Grounds

Located at the very root of the Scutum-Centaurus arm, the Festival Grounds is a collection of numerous large nebulae resembling an ancient fireworks display from Earth history. There are many other major nebulae in this region (mostly below the Galactic Plane) but the largest grouping of nebulae lies approx. 3,000 LYs from end to end and includes 8 major nebulae ranging in size from 130 x 160 x 200 LYs to 40 x 60 x 50 LYs (and also includes one minor nebula centered on a neutron star). These are all within about 1,100 LYs of each other, whilst the other groups of nebulae visible throughout this region have 3 or 4 members and are further away. The presence of so many significant nebulae makes this region one of the most spectacular in the Milky Way and warrants further scientific study due to the variety on offer.[1]

The eight major nebulae in The Festival Grounds are :

'Bonfire Nebula' 'Green Lantern Nebula' 'Wind Chime Nebula' 'Fortune Teller Nebula' 'Golden Chalice Nebula' 'Candy Floss Nebula' 'Clown Nebula' 'Bouquet Nebula'

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