The Gnosis
FactionCanonn Gnosis Division
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EconomiesHigh Tech
ExportsHydrogen Fuel
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The Gnosis is a Megaship owned by Canonn Interstellar Research Group. Capable of faster-than-light travel, The Gnosis is intended to be deployed to locations of ongoing scientific interest such as Alien Structures, Ancient Ruins, and Thargoid Surface Sites. The vessel was launched on May 18, 3303 in the Varati system, and can be found at its current location in the Flight Plan.



A 10-tier community goal was launched by the Canonn Interstellar Research Group requesting deliver 35 million tons of Indium, Computer Components, and Tea to help build a new Megaship to serve as the Canonn's mobile command post. It started on May 11, 3303, and 9,721 players contributed to complete the goal in 64 hours. The average delivery rate of goods was 9114 tons per minute.[1][2][3]


On September 25, 3303, it was announced that The Gnosis would attempt its first hyperspace jump from Varati to Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81 on September 28th. Any ships docked in The Gnosis's hangars at the time of the jump will travel with it to the destination. Canonn Gnosis Division warned that pilots in the vicinity of The Gnosis who do not dock and enter a hangar will not travel with the ship, and also risk severe damage or ship loss due to the jump's energy vortex.[4] A flight operations plan for The Gnosis was also posted at hangars within the ship that confirmed two additional jumps were planned for the immediate future.[5]

The Gnosis's first jump was a success, and it arrived safely with its passengers in Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81.[6] Subsequent jumps have occurred without incident.

Flight PlanEdit

System Duration of Stay Notes
Varati May 18, 3303 - September 28, 3303 The Gnosis's origin system
Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81 September 28, 3303 - October 5, 3303
HIP 18778 October 5, 3303 - October 12, 3303
Witch Head Sector DL-Y d8 October 12, 3303 - October 26, 3303
BD-12 1172 October 26, 3303 - November 2, 3303
Mintaka November 2, 3303 - November 9, 3303
Betelgeuse November 9, 3303 - November 16, 3303
Merope November 16, 3303 - November 23, 3303
Meene November 23, 3303 - December 7, 3303
IC 2391 Sector YE-A d103 December 7, 3303 - December 14, 3303
Jackson's Lighthouse December 14, 3303 - December 21, 3303
Santa Muerte December 21, 3303 - December 28, 3303
Varati December 28, 3303 - January 11, 3304
LBN 623 Sector PD-S b4-5 January 11, 3304 - January 18, 3304
HIP 17125 January 18, 3304 - January 25, 3304
Taygeta January 25, 3304 - February 1, 3304
Electra February 1, 3304 - Feburary 15, 3304
Maia Feburary 15, 3304 - March 1, 3304 Current location
Evenses March 1, 3304 - March 15, 3304
Meene March 15, 3304 - ?


  • The Gnosis is the first Megaship to be created by a Community Goal and owned by a player group.
  • Players who participated in the CG to build The Gnosis received an exclusive Canonn Ship Decal. Frontier intended to add the ability to earn the decal by becoming Allied with the Canonn faction in Varati, but was unable to include this feature in 2.4, and is examining alternative methods to allow players to acquire the decal.[7]
  • The Gnosis has a maximum jump range of 551 LY. It jumps only on Thursdays at 0700 hours UTC, during server downtime, provided it is scheduled to make a jump that week. Canonn submits a slate of new destinations to Frontier Developments for approval on a monthly basis.




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