The Hutton Mug
ClassificationRare Commodity
TypeConsumer items
Galactic Average Price7,915 CR
Rare allocation--- t
Produced by---
Consumed by---
LocationHutton Orbital, Alpha Centauri

Delivered over vast distances by those in search of a profit, the Hutton Mug, is only sold to Commanders who make the painfully long journey to Hutton Orbital. Made from the salvaged frame shift drive plates of ships that ran out of fuel before reaching the station, this is purely a vanity item commemorating the epic journey. It's value lies in its rarity and latent frame shift energies keeping your drink that little bit warmer for the journey.

— In-Game Description

The Hutton Mug is a Consumer Item in the world of Elite Dangerous. It can be bought at Hutton Orbital in the Alpha Centauri system.

It is a rare commodity, so increases in value the further it is taken from point of purchase.


  • There was a community vote for a new rare item, and the Hutton Mug idea was submitted and won.[1] This led to a community goal to ship scrap to Hutton Orbital to start production.[2] It was a success.[3]


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