Third Party Tools are community created tools that expand beyond the game's functionality. Some of these tools may be out of date.

For a more in-depth list, see wolverine2710's post on the Frontier forums.

Crowd sourced databases or data exchange tools Edit

* These are used by some of the apps listed at the bottom.

EDDB (Elite Dangerous Database) Edit

  • creator : Paul Heisig aka themroc
  • "EDDB is a site about systems, stations, commodities and trade routes in Elite: Dangerous." (source : post from the creator on FD forums)
  • EDDB has a very nice web interface to edit star systems and stations data. Market data updates (commodity prices) are taken instantly from EDDN to allow single and multi-hop trade route searches.
  • EDDB bases it's system data on EDSM.
  • EDDB also takes data from maddavo's database once every night.
  • EDDB makes a dump of systems/stations data in a JSON file every 24 hours, which allows other apps to use that data.
  • nightly JSON dumps :
  • FD forums post :
  • IRC channel : #eddb on QuakeNet


  • creator : jamesremuscat <>
  • "The Elite: Dangerous Data Network is a system for willing Commanders to share dynamic data about the galaxy with others. By pooling data in a common format, tools and analyses can be produced that add an even greater depth and vibrancy to the in-game universe." (source : EDDN wiki)
  • EDDN is replacing EMDN (Elite Market Dump Network) by Andreas since FD changed their policy to disallow data scrapping in Elite Dangerous (see details in the FD forums post).
  • EDDN is used by a few apps and web sites to exchange commodity pricing information. It does not currently (2015-03-29) share data about systems and stations : landing pad sizes, distances, etc.
  • EliteOCR and RegulatedNoise can both push data easily on EDDN while respecting current FD's policies (2015-03-29).
  • FD forums post :


  • Contains searchable information on Systems, Stations, Ships, Commodities and Outfitting.
  • Allows users to find a station based on their current location and whatever ship, commodity or outfitting they want.
  • Includes a trade route finder, with variables based on origin system, destination system, commodity, cargo amount, minimum and maximum distance, credits and landing pad size.
  • Also includes a route planner; although it isn't any better than the one in the in-game galaxy map, so I'd give it a miss.

Maddavo Edit

  • "Submit and share Market Data for Elite: Dangerous. Supporting TradeDangerous trade optimizer" (source : Maddavo's web site)
  • Maddavo is a good database that includes pricing as well as systems/stations data. It is best used with the TradeDangerous app that has a pluggin for exchanging data with Maddavo.
  • Maddavo gets it's update from both EDDN (market/pricing data) and EDDB (systems/stations data).
  • Users can also edit stations directly from the web site.
  • EDDB and Maddavo sync up together every 24hrs.

Slopey Edit

  • Slopey's database contains both market data (commodity pricing) and systems/stations.
  • It is only used by Slopey's BPC (Best Profit Calculator) app (see bellow).
  • Pricing updates are done inside the app manually or by creating a BPC file from EliteOCR.
  • FD forums post :

Thrudds Edit

  • "Thrudd's Trading Tools is a community populated searchable database of trade commodities and station services for the space simulation Elite: Dangerous." (source : Thrudd's web site)
  • Systems/stations updates are done by users from the web site and there is a point system to reward contributors.
  • Market data (pricing) updates are done either manually on the web site by uploading a CSV file that can be created with EliteOCR.

ED:RES Locator Edit

Elite Galaxy Online Edit

Some of the main features of the site are:

  • The ability to directly record any Stars and Planets you discoverout there in the black directly into the site. This includes all of thestatistics regarding the object as well as the ability to upload a screenshot and describe your discovery for all to see.
  • The ability to search all of the records created on the site. As it grows this could be used to search for all objects that have been first discovered by you.
  • Records. There's a whole bunch of dynamic record screens like "hottest star ever recorded", "largest gas giant ever recorded" etc. These are all live and so are immediately updated as new discoveries come in.
  • Exploration Points. As you record a new discovery you earn exploration points, the amount depending on how complex the object was to record directly on the site. You can then see commander rankings and we can see the greatest explorers in the galaxy.

Tools (including web sites) Edit

Looking for Wing Edit The Elite: Dangerous CMDRs Lobby

  • Helps CMDRs play together in Elite: Dangerous
  • Look for Wing based on CMDR distance, Wing Type, Power, etc.
  • Chat channels for Wing and Powers and Direct messages betwen CMDRs.

More info here.

EliteTrader Edit

  • Android app to look up price data from EDDN.

Elite: Dangerous - Trading GuideEdit Website, Android & Windows 10 apps to find market data.

  • Trade route planner
  • Market & Blackmarket finder
  • Rare Commodities finder
  • Find markets buying or selling specific commodities nearby

EliteOCR Edit

  • Get market data (princing) from screenshots and allow easy uploading on EDDN.
  • other export options :
    • CSV :
    • BPC : used in Slopey's BPC app
    • .prices : used in the TradeDangerous app or uploading on Maddavo's site
  • FD forums post :

ED-Intelligent Boardcomputer Extension (ED-IBE) Edit

local high perfomance database with (optional) bidirectional connections to EDDB / EDDN / Companion-IO / EDSM support

Frontier forums post: forums post:

Project page :

  • Trading tool, powerful filtering options
  • Commander's Log, partially event driven, current balance from companion io
  • bidirectional connections to EDDN/EDDB
  • supports sending EDDN shipyard/outfitting/market data (if wanted)
  • internal companion interface
  • multilanguage support for commodities
  • own high perfomance database - no datasharing
  • im-/export of market data (CSV)
  • EDSM interface (


  • GalNet News
  • Commanders Event Log
  • Armada (List of any currently owned/no longer owned ships)
  • Federation and Empire Rank listings
  • Faction Lists

RegulatedNoise DJ-version Edit

no longer supported - successor is ED-IBE

Frontier forums post:

  • Get market data from screenshot / checking plausibility of scanned prices
  • Trading tool
  • Commander's Log
  • Viewing system and station data (using EDDB database)
  • connection to EDDN is optional (up- and download of market data)
  • other im-/export options :
    • CSV
    • EDDN

ED Star Coordinator Edit

  • "EDSC is an Elite:Dangerous community effort to collect Star Coordinates" (source : EDSC web site)
  • Used to determine system coordinates based on distances.

TradeDangerous Edit

EDDB Routes Planner Edit

Quazil's Astro Analytics Edit

E:D Shipyard Edit

  • Outfitting tool

Elite Systems Edit

  • Used to create, update, and browse solar system information

Slopey's Market Tool Edit

  • Trading Info

Elite Trading Tool Edit

  • Trade Calculator
  • Trade Search
  • Rares Info

Chango Dock Edit

  • Travel Planner (Unavailable..?)

Mc Dee Edit

  • Reference sheet generator supporting the following HOTAS:
    • CH Fighterstick, Combatstick and Pro Throttle
    • Saitek X-52, X-52 Pro and X-55
    • Thrustmaster HOTAS X, Warthog and T-16000M

E:D Black Market finder Edit

Elite HUD Manager Edit

  • HUD Colour Generator
  • HUD Preset Manager

Trade Computer Extension Mk.I & Mk.II Edit

Mk.I (Excel Version):

Mk.II (.net Version):

  • Multifunctional Trading Tool
  • Integrates into the HUD as an overlay
  • EDMC integration
  • EliteOCR integration

Interactive 3D Elite Universe (site seems to be offline) Edit

Current Features

  • All known systems represented in acurate scale in 3D (from eddb)
  • Selecting a system gives you all system data and shows all stations in the system
  • click on a station will pull up all data about the station including current market items and prices
  • login and registration
  • backend build system

Upcoming Features:

  • trade route search like many other sites
  • Highlighting trade routes within the universe for a visual representation of the route
  • See where your friends are located in real time ( I'll need to reverse engineer how trade dangerous used the official mobile API for this data and then write a client application that sends location data to my server)
  • First person controls in the universe
  • Filter systems based on many variables (population, faction etc)

Voice Attack Edit

  • Tool designed for using your microphone to control the functions of your ship
  • costs $10.00 USD (8.75% tax for Texas residents)
  • purchased on their website using paypal, or credit card
  • Also available on steam

Elite Dangerous Events Edit

  • Current Features
    • LFG tool for creating and viewing LFG posts - any user
    • Event creator where commanders can create events and others can become attendees - signed up users
    • Featured events on homepage for events with greatest attendee count
  • Under Active Development
    • All suggestions are welcome creator contact info on homepage

Elite:Dangerous Astrometrics Edit

  • Maps and charts of EDSM discovered star systems and bodies
  • Travel History Video Creator
  • Beginner Explorer's hints and tips