TorpedoPylon Ingame

Torpedo Pylon capable of launching heat seeking torpedoes.

— In-Game Description

Torpedo Pylon is a weapon attachment for small craft that allows them to carry, as one might assume, a torpedo. A torpedo is a very slow missile of great size with the ability to heat-seek a target. They are so large that the ships that mount them are unable to carry anything to speak of in regards to reserve ammo.

While held back by the con of only granting the craft one or two possible shots, a torpedo is a devastating weapon that will strip a fair amount of hull from any small target. Mounted to a fighter, these can also be used to blast apart subsystems on the hull of any particularly large craft such as the Anaconda, without having to make multiple passes or expose the craft to danger for as long. 

Explosive weapons such as missiles and torpedoes, as of 1.6 or 2.1 for horizons owners, do a fair amount of shield damage as opposed to the zero damage they used to do. Torpedoes can even gain the Reverberating Cascade special effect from certain engineers, which allows a torpedo to overload and damage the shield generator of an enemy ship. One or two of these special torpedoes are usually enough to take down even very strong shields, making them particularly useful against shield cell banks as those cannot be deployed fast enough to counter the torpedoes. 


Spent ammunition must be replenished once used. Any station that is equipped with a "Re-arm" service will be able to replenish ammunition. Once docked at the station, ammunition can be purchased from the Munitions menu in the Starport Services. Each torpedo costs 15,000 CR per unit. Medium hardpoint pylons have the capability to mount multiple launchers in a single space and require more credits to reload (2 launchers = 30,000 CR). These multiple launcher pylons fire a single torpedo per shot, as not to waste ammunition.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Damage Armour Piercing Thermal
Clip Size
1 I 2.00 40 0.400 Fixed 120 10,000 45 1 0 10,080
2 I 4.00 51 0.400 Fixed 120 10,000 50 2 0 40,320
  • Thermal Load is based upon the in-game display which is basically an "out of 10" scale thus the value for this section should be assumed as approximation.

Engineers Edit

This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance it's abilities.

Modifications Edit

The following modifications can be applied to this module:

Possible Experimental Effects Edit

Modifying this module can sometimes result in any one of the following special effects also being applied:

Purchase LocationsEdit

Class Rating System Station Weapon Mode Value
2 I LHS 3447 Larson Orbital Fixed 44,800
1 I LHS 3447 Lasron Orbital Fixed 11,200
1 I Witchhaul Hornby Terminal
1&2 I LHS 3447 Dalton Gateway
1 1 Eravate Cleve Hub
1 L Eravate Russel Ring
1&2 I Bhotho Baker Holdings
1 I LTT 16019 Rey Prospect
1&2 I Gangga Wigura Station
1 I Phraces Potter Enterprise
1&2 I LP 787-52 Scully-Power Port
? ? Asellus Primus Beagle 2 Landing Fixed 11,200
  • This list requires expansion


  • Seeker torpedoes use Heat to track their target and thus are not affected by Chaff.[citation needed]