Toxandji Virocide
ClassificationRare Commodity
Galactic Average Price535 CR
Rare allocation14 t
Produced by---
Consumed by---
LocationTsunenaga Orbital, Toxandji

Engineered to order, Toxandji Virocide can be created to target whatever pest or parasite is effecting your crops. This highly intelligent virus can be programmed to self terminate at the end of a season, or to hibernate in preparation for the next cycle.

— In-Game Description

Toxandji Virocide is a Chemical in the world of Elite Dangerous.

It is a rare commodity, so increases in value the further it is taken from its point of purchase.

Toxandji Virocide can be bought at Tsunenaga Orbital in the Toxandji system, with a varying allocation limit. Generally, positive economic states (such as an economic boom) will increase the allocation limit of Toxandji Virocide, whereas negative states (such as Retreat or Bust) will decrease it.


05 NOV 3302


  1. Appeal For Toxandji Virocide : EliteCG

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