Trasken Duval III
Character Placeholder
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
Occupation9th Emperor
RelationsTrasken Duval II (father)
Olban Hensard Duval (son)

Trasken Duval III was the 9th Emperor of the Empire from 2858 to 2943.[1]

In 2864, Federal President Isaac Gellan deployed a Federal Navy fleet to the Ackwada system after negotiations with the Rockforth Corporation to repay an illegal campaign loan soured.[2] The following year, the Rockforth Corporation sent a request to Trasken III seeking the Empire's assistance against the Federation. Having been promised a substantial financial reward, Trasken III assembled a battlegroup led by Samuel Lanner, an independent trader and privateer. The conflict was limited, and the Federation eventually withdrew to Laveack. The Rockforth Corporation paid Trasken III as promised and hired Lanner's privateers to provide security for Ackwada.[3]

In 2924, the Durn and Resner Corporation requested the Empire's help in enforcing their claim to much of the mining rights in Alioth. A small Imperial fleet was sent to enforce the claims, and local Federal units withdrew. For unknown reasons, the Imperial force vanished in 2925, the Federation returned, and the Emperor seized all of the Durn and Resner Corporation's assets. Federal intelligence sources later accused the Duvals of instigating a cloning programme to breed specialized infantry units.[4]

Trasken III died in 2943 at the age of 114.[5]


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Trasken Duval II Emperor Olban Hensard Duval