Trinkets of Hidden Fortune
TypeConsumer Items
Galactic Average Price880 CR
Black Market Price600 CR
Produced by---
Consumed by---

This container appears to hold an assorted collection of low-value trinkets, knick-knacks and statuettes. Such trinkets are generally used by superstitious pilots to try and win favour with the lady Fortuna. However, these particular knick-knacks have a much more valuable prize hidden within.

— In-game description

Trinkets of Hidden Fortune is a very rare commodity that is strictly prohibited in almost every jurisdiction. The commodity is directly linked to The Dark Wheel, a minor faction in founder's world. The faction gives out missions requiring the player to find the trinkets, increasing the value of each trinket to roughly 100,000 CR. The commodity is incredibly rare so it is suggested to only accept missions for finding it if the player already has some in their inventory.

Trinkets can be pirated from NPC traders, for example, at the Nav Beacon in Plendovii.