Type-10 Defender
Type-10 Defender FX17 screenshot
Default version
ManufacturerLakon Spaceways
Cost124,755,342 CR
Insurance6,237,767 CR
Top Speed179 m/s
Boost Speed219 m/s
Shields99 MJ
Hull Mass1,200.0 t
Cargo Capacity220 t
Unladen Jump Range6.97 ly
Landing Pad SizeLarge
Hardpoints8x Utility Mounts
2x Small Hardpoints
3x Medium Hardpoints
4x Large Hardpoints

The Type-10 Defender is the result of collaboration between the Alliance and Lakon Spaceways. With the threat of xeno-war looming, the Alliance's naval arm saw the urgent need for a weapons platform capable of withstanding heavy, sustained attack. Utilising a reinforced Type-9 chassis as a starting point. Lakon overhauled and geared every aspect of the design for combat, producing a military behemoth that could be produced in volume at short notice.

— In-Game Description

The Type-10 Defender is a Lakon Spaceways ship that is planned for Elite Dangerous: Horizons update 2.4. It can accommodate Multicrew,[1] and it is not a renamed Panther Clipper.[2] As of 2.4's release, the Type-10 Defender remains unavailable in-game; it is believed that it will be released in the coming weeks, as part of the Aegis storyline involving the creation of new anti-Thargoid weapons.



  1. Steam User Images: Screenshot of the new Multicrew tab, with a list of Multicrew-capable ships, in the Comms menu as seen in the 2.4 beta
  2. Frontier Forums: Type-10 Defender, new ship (not yet purchasable)

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