Tyrell Biggs
Character Placeholder
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
OccupationPresident of the Federation

Tyrell Biggs was a President of the Federation who served from 3008 to 3016.[1]

Prior to his election to the presidency, Biggs had been Congressman for Mars for a long time, and made extensive use of his diplomatic connections throughout his tenure. During his election, he talked a great deal about the use of diplomacy rather than force.

In 3008, during a lull in the fighting in Alioth, Biggs had Federal diplomats secretly approach the Imperial court with a proposition that Achenar and its subsidiary systems join the Federation as full members. This had been attempted before, and had been met with Imperial derision. The proposition included clauses and amendments that would have allowed Imperial systems to qualify for membership despite the differences between Federal and Imperial law on several matters.

However, the leak of the documents by Federal spies to other Imperial systems caused widespread unrest, which might have been Biggs' intention all along. For the next decade, Federal-Imperial relations cooled and distrust grew on both sides.[2]


  1. Data taken from Tourist Spot Beacon 0201, Sol system
  2. Data taken from Tourist Spot Beacon 0193, Sol system
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Eventually Grant Keller President of the Federation Eventually Loric Trander

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