Okay, so I finally made time to sleep a good 8 hours, and went to work. I missed a friends wedding because of work by the way, but I have returned. I finally found my way to the Sol system, but... I now need a permit. So I read that to get the permit, I will need to recieve an invitation from The Federation; to do that, I'll need to be a friendly to The Federation (sounds a little like Star Wars lol). I've upgraded to an Adder and now made a few upgrades to my jump range (which is how I got to the system of Wolf 359). I'm going to be trying to do missions for The Federation to get back to Earth. I know, I know... why go there when there's a whole universe out there. Also I stop randomny to some signals when I am on Cruise Mode, and I have found Wanted persons and shoot them down (wonder why I haven't found any girls with a Bounty on their head (Hmm... sexist lol). Anywho, I found some canisters and anything I pick up, it says that they are stolen. Why? They aren't anyone's anymore! Also, I found out how to use the Cargo Scoop and I also bought the Fuel Scoop which saves me money, time, and helps out when there are no ports close by. Hope to see you out there Elites. 

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