So I hit the 1,000,000 in currency (in the game obviously; if it was in real life.... my ghawd). I am still on my old trustworthy Adder (thinking of naming my shi; all good ships have a name). Todat is my day off from work and I haven't been able to go back to any other game. In some ways,l I am thankful I didn't buy The Witcher 3 right away. There would be confilct in me having to choose between both. Alas the smuggling continues and really pays off. I read that back in Alpha that it took almost 4 weeks to make that much. Also, there is a question that needs to be asked: Is there something wrong with me when games come before sex? lol This has been discussed with some friends and they are divided on the matter. Still haven't ran into anyone, but I found this on Reddit. If anyone feels alone in space lol. Anywho, good flight cmdrs!

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