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  • I live in Elite Universe
  • My occupation is Pilot
  • I am Mer
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    Finding Materials

    January 17, 2016 by Cmdr Sekiou

    So I made three planetary landings spent many hours driving around and scooped up a load of materials. I collected enough basic materials to be supplied with any kind of basic ammunition refill, SRV refuel and repair, one standard FSD boost and a few cargo containers.

    Dissappointed? Yes.

    The time I had taken to find just one standard FSD boost was so high (at least six hours) it just wasn't worth looking for it.

    So I thought about what the developers said about realism.

    On the three planets that I had visited, all of which were High Metal content worlds I had been bombing around on relatively good terrain.

    The Forth Landing.

    I hit Orbital Cruise and looked for the biggest crater I could see in OC and headed straight to it. My thinking was; "wher…

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