So I made three planetary landings spent many hours driving around and scooped up a load of materials. I collected enough basic materials to be supplied with any kind of basic ammunition refill, SRV refuel and repair, one standard FSD boost and a few cargo containers.

Dissappointed? Yes.

The time I had taken to find just one standard FSD boost was so high (at least six hours) it just wasn't worth looking for it.

So I thought about what the developers said about realism.

On the three planets that I had visited, all of which were High Metal content worlds I had been bombing around on relatively good terrain.

The Forth Landing.

I hit Orbital Cruise and looked for the biggest crater I could see in OC and headed straight to it. My thinking was; "where do you find meteorites? In and around craters!"

I flew in low at top speed (286) over the edge heading toward the bottom for about a minute and if the speed rating in normal flight is supposed to be kph, I covered around 5km before landing. I was nowhere near the bottom of middle of this crater, it was huge.

The terrain that I landed in was extremely rough, to get a landing site I had to move very slowly just above the ground and keep stoping so I could roll my ship and see if I could land.

When landed I had to dimiss my ship as it was pinning my SRV, that might give an idea how rough the terrain was.

Progrees in the SRV is slow, max speed is 6 to 8. Any more than this creates a high risk of damage and even at these speeds stearing hard.

The terrain is very steep, plently of slippage, lots and lots of lumps and bumps.

It was worth it though, pay dirt! Outcrops were a rare discovery. I can't say which type of material deposit was the most common and I don't think they were any more per square km but I found a good mix of the different despoits with Outcrops definately being the rarest. As a result I started to pick up considerably more of rarer materials.

My next landing will again be in a huge crater to see if the result are the same.

Details :

High Metal content world

Huge crater,

Approx 12.5km deep from take off site. This was not the bottom!

Approx 14.3km from take off site to nearest point on crater rim. This was not the center!

The screen shots show  wave scanner signitures for some deposits.
Mesosiderite 2

Bronze Chodrite with Wave Scan

Cargo Pod Signal

Signiture in the center is a Cargo Pod (not rack)

Bronze Chondrite

Bronze Chodrite and Scan

Metallic Meteorite

Metallic Meteorite and Scan

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