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  • DNYI

    How do you create a category?

    October 19, 2015 by DNYI

    Does anyone know how to create a new category on this wiki?  For instance Elite Dangerous: Horizons will intruduce skimmers as an NPC enemy type.  There are multiple types of skimmers planned, so they should be in a category, but putting them in ships doesn't seem quite right.  Also, the Scarab surface recon vehicle is pilotable by the player but putting it in ships doesn't feel right, maybe a category called pilotable, which would include all things player piloted, which would not simply be a list of all ships because some are not pilotable (such as battlecruisers and interdictors).  Any help on how to create stuff like this would be appreciated.

    Please note, I do know how to add a page to a category, just not how to create a new category …

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  • DNYI

    This is a blog post about me doing over 50 undo revisions on commodity pages.  This post is to explain my reasoning if people have an issue with my removing the links.  My reasoning is first, it should not be necessay to have a link to wikipedia that is essentially just looking up the name of each commodity.  I can understand links to wikipedia about something specific to Elite:Dangerous, such as its development history, but I do not think that this wiki needs to provide links to wikipedia that are about things that mentioned in Elite: Dangerous but are not part of the games story, history, or gameplay (Example: the commodity item beer does not need a link to a wikipedia article on beer unless that article is about beer in El…

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  • DNYI

    Hi, I just recently tried adding an image to this wiki using the add media function and could not figure out how to center the image and move it to a different spot than where it appeared.  After trying and failing to use the add gallery function to add the image that way, I tried several templates but could not find a simply named one that is just for an image with a caption, and ended up using the infobox album template.  After inserting the template and filling out the available infomation, I found I could not move the template box and my attempts to use multiple blank lines to get the next text section under it failed.  Can anyone give me advice on what I'm doing wrong or how to add an image, resize it, place it where I want it, and pr…

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