This is a blog post about me doing over 50 undo revisions on commodity pages.  This post is to explain my reasoning if people have an issue with my removing the links.  My reasoning is first, it should not be necessay to have a link to wikipedia that is essentially just looking up the name of each commodity.  I can understand links to wikipedia about something specific to Elite:Dangerous, such as its development history, but I do not think that this wiki needs to provide links to wikipedia that are about things that mentioned in Elite: Dangerous but are not part of the games story, history, or gameplay (Example: the commodity item beer does not need a link to a wikipedia article on beer unless that article is about beer in Elite: Dangerous).  I hope that anyone who is navigating this wiki can easily go to and type in the name of one of the many items that are commodities in Elite: Dangerous for themselves and don't need to rely on a link in this wiki.  My second reason is that all of these links were listed under a trivia section name.  Trivia is something like the name/description/location of X is a reference to Y and then includes a link to an article about Y is a link is needed.  (Example:  The leathery eggs rare commodity is a reference to the eggs containing facehuggers from the Alien movies).  Trivia is not a link to a basic definition.  A further reason is many games have the same commodities or concepts in them (such as beer) but a link to a wikipedia article that is only a search for beer and not a search for beer in game Z, does not add an useful information about the game.

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